cropped-20160215_191201.jpgI am an editor.

I write. I proofread. I teach, tutor, and coach. I even do some fun stuff in my spare time!

But I am an editor.

Typos attract my eyes like magnets. Friends and family members rely on me for a quick, reliable proofread, and my Facebook friends fill my feed with grammar jokes and memes.

What does this mean for you?

I stop people and organizations from making embarrassing mistakes, but I also help them communicate more clearly and effectively, whether it’s through my writing, editing, or writing coaching services.

Who needs an editor?

Short answer: Everyone.

  • Writers need a second set of eyes.
  • Publishers need a writer who writes like an editor—it makes their job so much easier!
  • Agencies, PR firms, and so on need someone they can trust to produce flawless copy for their clients.
  • Scientists and academics need a medical editor to give them an edge to present their research professionally and in proper format.
  • And students, professionals, and businesses need someone to get caught up in the minutiae of writing or editing, so they don’t have to.

So, who needs an editor? Shortest answer:


With my natural inclination toward editing and writing—coupled with a unique combo of training in education and graduate studies in professional communication—I am an editor who will clean up your communications for you while helping you self-edit and ultimately become a better writer.

Contact me, and let me be your editor.