I pride myself on long-term, loyal, and (when requested) confidential* relationships with a variety of clients including agencies, large corporations, and several small businesses and nonprofits:

  • HealthyPet Magazine (Copyeditor and contributor)
  • Medical communications and marketing agencies (Medical copyeditor: Copy editing, proofreading, and fact checking)
  • Large corporations (Technical writer and editor)
  • Small businesses including medical providers (Blog and web content writer)
  • Cranberry Heights Homeowners Association (Volunteer: Newsletter design, writing, and editing; web and social media management; co-chair of communications committee)
  • MOMS Club International, Cranberry North Chapter (Volunteer: Newsletter design, writing, and editing)

Want to be added to this list? Contact me, and let’s team up!

Please note that because I value my confidential clients’ privacy and the trust they place in me, I have not listed most of them by name here. My ghostwritten blog posts have been published on major parenting, health, and lifestyle blogs and websites.